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10 de agsoto de 2021


Request for Proposal #2021-01 for Externa} Auditing Services
Request for Proposals #2021-01 for externa! auditing. The Instituto Pre- Vocacional e Industrial de 
P.R., Inc. is requesting proposals for externa} auditing. The potential auditing firm will be
responsible for providing a high level of service for a reasonable cost to The Institution. The intent
ofthe RFP is to select an independent auditing firm, preferably with at least three (3) years of non­
profit single auditing experience (within the previous two years), to provide basic auditing services 
for the Institution's total annual budget of approximately $4 million. 
The Request for Proposals released August 10, 2021, may be obtained at www.ipvipr.com at
RFP AUDIT. The deadline for receipt of written questions is September 1, 2021. The 
deadline for receipt of proposals (no exceptions) is September 15, 2021, by 4:00 p.m. Atlantic
standard time. Official notice of award will be posted to the Institution's website and mailed to 
all proposers. Only written correspondence and/or inquiries directed to the Institution's President Founder and 
CEO (who is the sole point of contact with the Institution for purposes of this RFP) will be
accepted. The Procurement Manager's name and contact information is: Samuel Rivera Rivera, 
Instituto Pre- Vocacional e Industrial de P.R., Inc., #68 Calle Puro Girau, Arecibo, Puerto Rico
00612, ipvipr@yahoo.com. The Institution will not participare in any ínquiries by phone.
Only e-mail inquiries will be responded to and only during the schecluled Question and 
Answer time frame. Information obtained from any other source is not official and should
not be relied upon.  After the release of this RFP, if any solicitation revisions become necessary or appropriate, as
determined by the Institution, the Institution will electronically post the addenda to the Institution's 
website, www.ipvipr.com. Proposers are responsible for checking the Institution website and
contacting the Institution's Point of Contact for this solicitation before the RFP deadline to 
ascertain whether any addenda have been issued.  The Instituto Pre-Vocacional e Industrial de P.R., Inc., reserves the right to reject all solicitations or ignore or correct minor irregularities when it is in the best interest of the Institution. 
Funding Sources: The services described in this RFP, and the resulting Contract will be funded
by the Institution's different funding sources from grant agreements allocated budgets of State, 
Local and Federal funds. Our agreement fees to perform the services with different agencies, such
as: Departamento de Justicia - Fondos VOCA, Municipio de San Juan - departamento de la
Vivienda - HOPW A, Departamento de Salud - Prog. Ryan White Part B, Departamento de la 
e Con la colaboración de Fondos Unidos, Gobierno Municipal, Estatal, Federal, entidades privadas y el comercio e Industrial  Familia - VD-ADF AN y others